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The leading 4 month transformational self mastery program to awaken into your next highest expression.

February 2023 - May 2023 

with Deer Wise Heart

Your Magnanimity is your heart, your bravery, willingness to forgive, spirit and nobility.

Journey into self re-discovery, self liberation and empowerment. Meet your most awakened and expressed self by tapping into your authentic expression, your innate wisdom, intuition, and hearts desires.


Are you tired of hiding the inner most parts of you that longs to be awakened, felt and seen?

Are you tired of feeling small or would like to express yourself in a bigger way?

Do you need to simply be held, connected and  supported?

Meet your most awakened self by tapping into your most embodied self.

Begin to understand and remove anything that's been holding you back.

Revisit your life story.


Explore the different aspects of yourself, release pain and trauma, heal and grow into your highest expression.


Feel lighter, more joy, inner peace and ease within yourself and your surroundings.


Are you ready to transform into the next best version of you?

Masterfully enter the field of your deepest inquiries with space allotted for you to unwind, to see yourself, to be seen, heard and related to.

In self mastery you gain clarity in what needs to be released, shifted, or healed and you'll be guided and supported on how to make the energetic and mindset shifts to embody your highest expression.

MAGNANIMITY begins January 2023 


In each session we will be addressing the body's main energy centers and the correlating emotions and themes through discussions, shares, transmissions, story telling, meditations, breathwork, embodiment exercises, energy work, activations and belief work.  Each week you will experience a shift in your energy field and frequency, creating a more embodied and aligned version of you. 

TOPICS (& More)

Self Love





Passion & Fulfillment






Seeing your shadows, mistakes, fears, and desires takes courage.

Exploring this courage takes love.


Session 1 - Opening call 

Session 2 - Loving and associating with your body

Session 3 - Connecting to the creatrix within

Session 4 - Your unique powerful expressions, intuition with confidence

Session 5 - Romancing your life

Session 6 - Voice to truth with sovereign power

Session 7 - Seeing your authenticity clearly 

Session 8 - Embodying your divine essence in consciousness

Session 9 - Closing call


> Ceremonial container
> Class theme discussions
> Write your obituary
> Embodiment practices
> Thought processing and sharing
> Sacred kinship

> Breakout room assignments
> Explorative workshops
> Visualizations and journey's
> Energy alchemy
> Belief work

> Trauma release
> Identified actionable next steps
> New discoveries about your inner self
> A stronger sense of self identity 
> Take home practices
> Homework assignments (brief)
> Feel lighter and free
> Clarity
> Inner peace



4 months in a self mastery sacred container

9 live Zoom self mastery sessions (up to 2 hours) 

4 months Voxer support (15 minutes/week)

1 private 40 minute coaching call 

All live sessions will be recorded for attendees



Live Virtual Sessions | 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST

Starts January 25

9 Weeks

on Wednesday's


TENTATIVE: Saturday, May 20th

(optional in-person ceremony)

Sessions will be recorded



Taking a bigger stand for yourself.
Becoming more aware of your self identity.
Wanting to experience more pleasure.
Increasing your vibe.
Gaining more clarity.
Becoming more in touch with your body.
Becoming fully expressed in your emotions.
Coming out of hiding.
Expanding your consciousness.
Embarking on self development.
Learning new ways to become more embodied.


4 Months

9 live workshops 

1:1 Coaching Call

Receive a bonus call with Natasha Wise Heart for a private one-on-one 40 minute life coaching session.

Community Growth

Bask in your empowerment and in kinship as you grow, relate, resonate, and gain clarity.

You are welcomed into this heart centered space to dive deep into the seeing, the alchemy, rising and the empowering.

  • Regulate your nervous system

  • Shamanic drumming dream trance for deep inquiry

  • Breathwork for your spirit to release and receive

  • Movement and embodiment for your body to detangle and stand in your power

  • Facilitated belief work through mediumship for blockages to be brought forward and to be cleared in all dimensions 

  • Guided meditations to journey into dream state with personal messages from your spirit guides

  • Journal to witness yourself and bring forward your hearts desires and intentionally manifest your life

  • Experience the power within sistership that fills your heart with joy and love

  • Conversations that spark internal inquiry and invite you to speak your truth without judgment or fear, but instead with love, compassion and grace

  • Be held in a sacred energy field that uplifts you, upgrades you, and recodes you into your highest self

  • Space that’s created and dedicated to your  growth and self mastery


The full value of the live self mastery program is $6,900.


There are 3 payment options:

Option 1: $100
 deposit with 2 payments of $700 

Option 2: $100 deposit with 3 payments of  $466.67

Option 3: $300 deposit with 4 payments of  

Option 4: $1,400 in full (save $100)


Sign me up for the deposit and payment plan!
Sign me up and I'm paying in full!


I wasn’t sure of myself and the decisions I should make; Natasha was able to guide me through several life events that I came across. She was always really caring, objective, and professional when coaching me through these situations. I believe she truly cares for her clients and wishes the best for everyone! Thanks Natasha for all of your help and support!! :)

- K.L. / NURSE

Natasha is an amazing coach; she focuses on all aspects of wellness and has been a fantastic mentor for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With her guidance, I’ve been able to make progress I could have only dreamed about before. She is kind, supportive, constantly learning and expanding on her already vast knowledge, and pushes you to be your best self!


...just what I want for connection & introspection and it's just what I need for clarification of what my dreams and goals are and keeping me on track to make them happen! I feel so very blessed to have found this circle of women to share experiences, thoughts, feelings and laughter. Natasha leads the group by following her heart and it is always exactly what I need In that moment. This group perfectly fits into my busy life and I'm so very grateful for it.


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About Deer Wise Heart

Your Guide.

Deer (aka Natasha) Wise Heart is an accredited Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Wellness Coach.  Natasha has been in the coaching practice for nearly a decade and has had the opportunity to support hundreds of clients.

Deer Wise Heart has spent many years in the Shamanic Practice and is well versed with energetic technologies and healing.  She's also a certified Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner and medicine woman.

Natasha loves to assist with life journeys and is a master in somatic and intuitive healing.

Embark on your journey!

Sign me up for the deposit and payment plan!
Sign me up and I'm paying in full!

Allow yourself to create, rebirth and experience your own magic and wisdom that is being held within.

I am honored to witness your tears. 
I love falling in love with your heart. 
I’m in awe of your inner and outer beauty.
And when I get to be a part of your miracle, it’s a true blessing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Natasha at 

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