Earth's Ascension
Mystery School & Priestess Initiation

Enter the temple...

...of sacredness and gather to learn and share how to be good stewards of mamma Earth in her ascension. 


The journey begins with our own awakening and consciousness as we enter into the mysteries of beauty way, energy, mediumship, prayer and ceremony.

We hold the light and the candle for the rising of humanity.

Through ritual, we reconnect in sisterhood.

Through ritual, we rise in consciousness.

Through ritual, we accelerate others into their higher more aligned ways of being.

If you feel the call to connect on a Universal spiritual level, I invite you into this temple.

The temple is presence.

The temple is be-ing.

The temple is community.

The temple is elevation.

The temple is love.

If this feels soul aligned, you're invited to join me on Sunday, November 13th at 9am PST to learn more! 

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Diwali Lights're in the right place at the right time.


In this virtual temple call we will...

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Earth's Ascension Intro Call

Zoom women's circle and intro call on Sunday, Nov 13th 9am PST


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