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with Deer Wise Heart

Step into a sacred and safe spaces for you to be in your genius zone, step into your authentic embodiment and true self mastery.

You're here because you're ready to create change for:


Healthier relationships

Releasing and healing trauma and pain

Greater clarity

Lifestyle balance

Inner peace


Freedom of expression

Your authentic embodiment

Increased mindfulness


Stepping into your purpose

Nervous system regulation

My unique coaching style will help you bridge the connection to your mind, to your body, soul and heart.


Life Coaching + Spiritual Coaching + Strength Training + Breathwork


Working Together!

I am grateful to be a personal coach and to be equipped with the tools that help people move through challenges and growth opportunities in their personal and professional lives.  

Are you ready for self mastery and personal leadership?


Look deeply within yourself and do the internal work to help match your external achievements or new endeavors, which results in exponential personal, spiritual and professional growth.




Overcome limiting beliefs, close the gaps between your now and future.


 Embody a greater capacity for self love & care and fully connect to the vision of who you truly are.

Gain clarity and gain inspiration for your life's work, lifestyle and aspirations. 


The wise heart is the fundamental loving essence of who we all are at the core.  


The heart always knows the way, our truest desires and invokes our greatest wisdom.

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A customized approach...

Every person is different and together we'll determine and customize the right type of coaching program for you.  My coaching is focused on the mind, body and soul.

The environment for your coaching is important and needs to resonate with you, this is why I offer coaching online, in nature  and living room style.

Coaching program lengths are variable, I have your best interest in mind; and change takes time, practice and coaching.  I am committed to not rushing your process.  Most programs are 3 months or longer.

About Deer Wise Heart

Rev. Deer (fka Natasha) Wise Heart has been coaching for over a decade and specializes in self mastery which encompasses inner wisdom, psychedelic integration, energy healing and strengthening the physical and energetic body, connecting to higher self and cultivating strong intuition skills
Deer brings many coaching modalities to the table, to include working with ancient plant ally medicines.

Deer periodically offers workshops, trainings, rituals and ceremonies.


Deer is an intuitive transformational change agent

and a master coach in navigating self mastery

and strategizing for new and existing initiatives.

Click below to schedule a consultation to share your projects and goals.


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