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Doors are open for January 2024!


A 5D personal leadership and ceremonial experience.

Harness your power in this beautiful introspective space.

Inner Alchemy is a soul mission activator that invokes the sacred relations between the self and the higher awakened wise self.

Like water, we all have the ability to transform.


This is a live online experiential event that includes spiritual teachings, breathwork and working with plant medicines.


INNER ALCHEMY, is the art and science of gathering, storing, and circulating energy within the human body. The purpose of Inner Alchemy is to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Alchemy is an ancient practice that has a purpose of transforming the ordinary into GOLD.

Internal alchemy initiates use to prolong life and create an immortal spiritual body that survives after death.

Just like breathing happens automatically, we don’t need to do anything to make energy flow through us. However, we can choose to cultivate and optimize our energetic state, be it to improve our wellbeing or to evolve personally and spiritually.

When we rediscover our simplest, purest self, our operations within the material world become more effortless, because the body harmonizes and it’s this energy that we can take into the world through everything we do.

In the Inner Alchemy 5d ceremonial experience, not only will we venture upon various life topics but will also journey into deep medicine work to inquire and become the next high level of ourselves.

Together we sit in these spaces for growth of the whole self without the ego that says “I know everything” and without the ego that says “I’m above this.”

Because the truth is, THIS IS the practice. The moment you are willing to be in community, to speak your truth, to unravel yet another layer, your growth is EXPANDED!


Your next version and GOLD resides here in this space, within INNER ALCHEMY.

This is for you. Be it your a medicine woman, a corporate business person, an entrepreneur, a facilitator, a person in leadership, mother, father, a Priestess or a God/dess, this is growth.





Come sit in the sacred vault of ancient wisdom, higher consciousness and self awareness, in the mastery of self.


When you learn to live life as a ceremony, you learn to find

inner peace,

expansive self love,

permission to live in the free expression of self, 

to connect with your ancestors,

access more joy and

grace through lifes most challenging of times.

Inner Alchemy is an online  spiritual workshop series to collectively meet, learn and discuss on various topics in the endeavor of meeting, becoming and sustaining a higher conscious self and way to be.  The awakened self.

This is a beautiful Shamanic ceremonial journey for those new and already familiar with this work.



​Each time we meet, a topic will be selected for discussion.  The topic selection is based on audience relevance. 


  • Community Personal Leadership Discussions

  • Somatic Embodiment Workshops

  • Full Day Ceremony Retreat in N. California

Black Gold.jpg



This is an inner exploration of all of your truths and an opportunity to walk with confidence into your future.



"Increased my self confidence"
"Greater connection with myself and spirit"
"Personal transformation and embodiment of who I wanted to be"
"I exited these loopholes and old patterns"
"More clarity"
"Deeper understanding for my spiritual beliefs"
"Established new habits"
"I feel more empowered"
"I understood my own behaviors"
"I have more compassion for myself and others"

I'd like to invite you to allow this experience to feel like nourishing self care with a little bit of selfishness for taking extra time for yourself to feel and speak to all that's coming through for you during this season to create a greater expansion for the soul and heart.



July 2023  - November 2023

Limited spaces available.

You will have two meetings in each month ending in full ceremony. 

Please note that dates can adjust according to participant availability!

  • July 18 | July 20

  • August 15 | August 17 

  • September 12 | September 14

  • October 2 | October 3 

  • November 14 | November 16

  • Blue Lotus Ceremony TBD (Early Reg Bonus)

  • Micro Ceremony TBA

  • Shamanic Ceremony TBA

  • Group Ceremony Hike TBA 

Holidays and group availability for meeting dates will be considered.


July 2023 - November 2023
Limited spaces available.

Black Gold.jpg
  • 2 Sessions in a Month (online)

    • 1 Monthly Mastermind (5 total)

    • 1 Monthly Breathwork Session (5 total)

  • *1 Personal Leadership Retreat (N. California in-person - optional)

    • 1-3 day event

  • *1 Retreat Integration Session (online)

Deck with Fire Bowl

TOTAL VALUE: $10,998

Private Workshops ($3,996)

Private Micro ceremony experiences ($3,000)

Private Group hike and meditation - approx 3-4 hours ($222)

Private Ceremony ($3,333)

Integration Call ($447)

Blue Lotus Ceremony ($$$BONUS)

Wealth and Abundance Activation Recording ($$Bonus)

Workshop PDFs ($$$BONUS)

1:1 Coaching Call ($$$PIF BONUS)


Payment options include:

Pay in Full 


$555.50 $388/MO (6 month payment plan)

Giving back:

2 partial and full scholarships available after the first 10 registrants!

10% of proceeds will be donated to ocean conservancy or clean air funding.

Costs does not include logistical costs for ceremony.

Email questions about Inner Alchemy to


Meet Deer

Rev. Deer (fka Natasha) Wise Heart has been coaching for 10+ years and specializes in self mastery which encompasses psychedelic integration, healing the body, connecting to higher self, inner wisdom, cultivating strong intuition skills, connection with ancestors and self incorporation.  Deer brings many coaching modalities to the table, to include working with natural plant medicines. 


Deer is aligned with a new Earth vision and has received messages that these are the collective conversations that need to be held within the collective of influential leaders.

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