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Join us for our upcoming sacred retreat and ceremony in Ojai, CA!

Limited spaces available.

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Deepen into sacred relations and re-awaken your soul into the re-membering and re-embodiment of your highest divine self.

An all inclusive sacred shamanic ceremony for a 3 day (2 night) full immersion into your highest self.

Awaken your soul and elevate your consciousness by working with sacred plant ally's that hold the knowledge and wisdom we seek. Allow spirit to teach you and show you the way.

At this retreat and ceremony, I invite you to come as you are. Dress comfortably and layered for the day. We will spend time inside in circle and an abundant amount of time outside (weather permitting) enjoying the fresh air that grants us each breath and the nature amongst us.
Sacred ally's include Peruvian ally's, hape', sananga, ceremonial smoke, sacred tea and cacao.  All optional.

Together we will engage in:
- Shamanic practices
- Plant medicine work
- Our intentions
- Inner self exploration
- Meditations
- Creating our future selves
- Belief work
Benefits of this retreat include:
- Clarity
- Opportunity to ceremonialize a life transition
- Deep insight
- Find a renewed sense of optimism & happiness
- Reconnect with nature
- Self discovery
- Disconnection from everyday stress and city life
- Nervous system regulation
- Opportunity to remember an ancient way of communing
Friday - evening check-in, lite bites, breathwork, hape' & tea ceremony
Saturday - all day circle with nature quest and Wopila! dinner
Sunday - Morning quest, breakfast, cacao and closing circle

$500 Deposit (goes towards total cost)
Shared bed - $2200
Non-shared bed - $2800
Camping - $1988
Food and beverages included. 
Confirmation and further details will be emailed to you upon registration. Please fill out the interest form to be considered for this event.

Undisclosed (until after registration) quaint location in LA hills.


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