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with Deer Wise Heart

New Earth Priestess

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Logo ideas copy 2.jpg're in the right place at the right time.


Enter the temple...

...of sacredness to gather and learn in New Earth Leadership.


The journey begins with your own awakening and consciousness as we enter into the mysteries of beauty way, energy, mediumship, prayer and ceremony.

We hold the light and the candle for the rising of humanity.

Through ritual, we reconnect in kinship.

Through ritual, we rise in consciousness.

Through ritual, we accelerate others into their higher more aligned ways of being.

If you feel the call to connect on a Universal spiritual level, I invite you into this temple.

Priest/essing in temple....

The temple is presence.

The temple is a new be-ing.

The temple is community.

The temple is elevation.

The temple is love.

sacred geometry.png

Deer Wise Heart will guide you into creating a new deeper spiritual connection with yourself and beyond. Learn the secrets that connect you with your divine self to embody love, empowerment, confidence, the universe and your ancestors. Remember your forgotten self, deepen in spirituality and reclaim the Goddess within.

Dark Ocean

Are you ready to deepen into and embody the mysteries of spirituality and your highest divine way of being?

This portal is especially for you if you are longing to be in  long term kinship within spirituality.

You no longer need to spend hours searching to understand, Deer will share all of her knowledge about being in faith, in conscious leadership and embodying love at all times.

If you've found yourself here, all you need to do is trust that this is for you.  Feel into your body and tune into what it's telling you.  Resistance can mean that it's the perfect edge for you and you're "yes" may mean that you've been ready for this for some time now.

Deer has a deep belief in the sacredness of all that exists and especially the sacredness within community love and support.  These are the core aspects of this work.

The 6 Gateways


Creating a high vibrational and clear portal for being your highest self.


Learn how to protect your energy and keep your boundaries.


Activate your divine feminine with ancient embodiment practices.


Create your temple space and learn the ancient ways of connecting to the goddess within.


Learn how to access the beyond and become an oracle.


Learn advanced skills on working with your energy fields


Portal Outline
Sessions 2x/month

Portal 1
*Opening ceremony
*Understand your fields of energy and how to clear your fields

Portal 2
*Chakra activations for your leadership initiative
*Working with crystals and learning how your lifestyle impacts your energy.

Portal 3
*Deepening into sovereignty and  leadership
Portal 4
*Understanding and working with limiting beliefs and create new beliefs for your highest self.

Portal 5
*Remembering the power of your womb
*Womb ritual
Portal 6
*Gain empowering techniques to step into your future self in quantum time.

Portal 7
*Tools in creating a personal sacred temple space, meditation and channeling techniques
Portal 8
*Identify feminine Goddess archetypes.
*Leadership in these new times

Portal 9
*Creating rituality by understanding the moon cycles
*Moon rituals
Portal 10
*Honoring all our relations with elements and seasons
*Seasonal rituals
*Element rituals

Portal 11
*Energetic mastery in connecting with your guides
*Healing modality initiation
*Meditation ritual

Portal 12
*Invocation with instruments; living life with rituality.
*Holding space and creating ceremony and circles for others.
*Healing ritual

Portal 13
*Closing ceremony and initiation


Are You Ready To...

Learn how to integrate your feminine divine into your everyday life.


Understand foundational aspects of spirituality.


To Priestess your path with a divine connection from within.


Learn to find answers within love & faith.


To become spiritually attuned and consistently show up as your highest self.


To regain trust in sisterhood and faith.


To energetically heal yourself with ancient feminine rituality.


Learn ancient medicine and ways to channel with source.


To trust your higher support team.


Increase your emotional intelligence.

Learn to connect with your inner divine self.

Learn about energetic boundaries and how to protect your spaces.

Gain confidence and a greater sense of self love and compassion.

Gain knowledge on spiritual mysteries for everyday living.

Learn to deepen into the shadows of the darkness to always come out with light.

Learn embodiment practices and embrace every aspect of your being.

sacred geometry.png


25+ HOURS OF LIVE CLASS Learn ancient spiritual practices and embody your divine and sensual feminine for everyday practice.

SENSUAL SOUL SESSION One private activation and consultation with Deer.

PRIVATE MESSAGING GROUP A dedicated space for additional nuggets of wisdom and activations for you to receive and communicate within the group.

ACTIVATIONS & TRANSMISSIONS  To take you deeper into your spiritual gifts and embodiment.

6 MONTH SACRED CONTAINER We will gather every week to deepen into ancient wisdom for the modern day woman.

BUDDY SESSIONS Partner with a fellow study to practice and share teachings.

SPECIAL OFFER: In-person medicine ceremony (lodging and food not included)

sacred geometry.png

New Earth Leadership 2023
Program Dates TBA: A 6 Month Journey
Now open for enrollment

Full Program Value: $13,000+

Your investment: $3,333
(with optional payment plans)

Option 1 - Pay in Full $3,333

Option 2 - $333 deposit and 6 payments $511

Option 3 - $333 deposit and (8) payments of $388

(first payment 1 month prior to start, last payment 1 month post closing)

Please note that lodging and food is not included for in-person medicine ceremony.

This is a very special program for those who are ready to deepen into their leadership, spirituality and be with like-minded individuals.


Rev. Deer

Rev. Deer Wise Heart is a Spiritual Life Coach, Shaman, Personal Trainer and Therapeutic Breathwork Coach located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Deer has been coaching for 10+ years and specializes in the Shamanic arts.  Deer brings many coaching modalities to the table, to include working with entheogen plant medicines.

Deer is a leading New Earth Leader and loves to support others in discovering and creating modern approaches to self and professional leadership for the new age.

How is this feeling in your body?

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