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There are occasional sacred Shamanic group ceremonies.


Ceremonies are all day long and include plant medicines such as hape', sananga, cannabis or similar.

I work with music, sacred sound, energy, sacred smudge and the Universe to co-create a beautiful space for you to deepen into.

These are opportunities to elevate your consciousness, release fears, come to understanding and to enable you to see the path forward in quantum leap fashion.

If you would like to learn more about these opportunities, please fill out a brief application.

Ceremony dates:

Feb 4 - co-ed circle

April 15 - mens circle

May 6 - women's circle
June 23 - Inner Wisdom Sacred Retreat

TBA - couples circle

TBA - co-ed circle

TBA - end of year circle

Only past attendees may use this registration link

Sign up to learn more and reserve your spot in the next available group.

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