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Sacred Self Mastery Coaching & Mentorship

Navigate Life's Challenges and Successes with Clarity.



Quantum leap your self discovery journey in  your own private sacred plant ally experiential retreat. Press the reset button and give yourself permission to prioritize your self care and growth process. This is a 1/2 day up to 3 days experiential intensive with Shaman Deer in Northern California which may also include a rite of passage and nature quest experience.  This is also a perfect experience for marking a transitional experience in one's life.

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Your personal Shaman. Take a spiritual approach on your journey! Reveal and understand what's underneath with conversational life coaching in Universal connection with Shamanic drumming, breathwork, psychic mediumship, somatic work, energy healing and mentorship. Relieve anxiety and blocks and gain clarity.  Receive all the benefits of Life Coaching with the Shamanic edge for quantum results.

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This is a series of 1:1 coaching over a period of time to gain clarity through conversational coaching methods for business and personal support to achieve your goals and embody your ideas, motivation, inspiration, dream life, relationships, leadership and empowerment.  Get the results you'd like to achieve through coaching, somatic work, breathwork, and accountability.

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Connect with your temple body with online personal training to build strength, create shape and be a physically healthy high achieving human.  Each session is 40 minutes long and intensity and complexity builds over time.

Private somatic breathwork includes consultation and fundamental exercises combined with the breath to experience relief, clarity, release, energy and nervous system regulation.

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What My Clients Say

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Francesca L.

I can’t say enough about Natasha- her heart and mind. Natasha started out as my personal fitness trainer. I walked in ready to work yet sluggish, but she always managed to perk me up and guide me through great work outs. Natasha later shared about her life coach sessions. I participated in one group session and she asked a single question that sparked such insight and clarity. We followed up with two individual sessions. In just two sessions she was able to tap into my energy and help me align my goals!! I’m sold. She is a great coach and you won’t regret seeking her guidance.
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