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One of the most beautiful and simplist things I’ve learned to do over my years is to wait.

We’ve been taught that everything we want to have we must work for and spend grueling brain crunching time to create it. And although it’s true to some extent, there is work, action and physical creation however when there’s an aligned concept, service or product that’s truly ready to come to life, it will naturally do so.

When whatever it is is that’s ready to be birthed (come to life) by you it will all come through with ease.

Maybe not all at once, but if you let it simmer within you, all the pieces will eventually drop through and it will be something the human brain could have never thrown together in a low stress, natural, strategic process!

And being able to do that, my friend, is one of the secrets behind leading masterful projects and endeavors.

In fact, I believe it’s THE SECRET behind some of the most genius and world changing endeavors.
So when you feel you’re on the brinks of a ground breaking thing in any capacity, how much are you willing to flex your patience and be in the “brew” of creation for something epic to come through?

And if you’re willing to be in that brew, what parameters would you set for these times?
Do different projects have different brew time requirements based on complexity, impact and ROI?

For your contemplation.

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