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Welcome to


The masterminding space for multi-dimensional humans.


Join other like-minded beings in spiritual leadership for sacred masterminding coven gatherings to be deeply rooted in your practice and continual development. 


Be held in your prayer and connect for continued growth and peer support.

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Deepening into your own heart is the greatest resonance for love.

As we deepen into Love as One, then this frequency is emanated to all around us.

As we continue to birth love for ourselves and of each other all begins to heal within and around.

Together in resonance we will declare, create, celebrate, release and embody our highest selves in a continuance of growth, expansion and in co-creation.

We are living in a cosmic field of miracles.

We are one.


You are a multi-dimensional work of art.

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Monthly Foculizers

Foculizers are mastermind topics.

We have work to do!  Every session will be bringing value in keeping you in a higher self practice, in rituality, with a session focus topics for discussion and opportunities for us to share and network on our endeavors and happenings.  There will be some time for integration prior to closing each call to ensure we're grounded with our new and re-membered information.

Topics are subject to change based on the Coven flow.

Every month there will be business and spiritual expansion discussions.

Topic Examples
Sacred Contracts
7 Questions to Purpose
Walking With The Unknown
Higher Self Alignment
Spiritual Biz Marketing
Being Seen
Rituality with Clients

Frequency & Bioenergetics

Business Ascension Topic Examples:
Purpose & Vision
Biz Platforms
Building Community
Self Expression

Integrated Rituals:
Belief Work
Energetic Alignments
Spirit Guide Connections
Shamanic Journey's

Email Deer at for the next cohort.


Live calls

Dedicated space for like-minded spiritualists

Collective energetics work

Growth with your peers

Tapping into your gifts

Journey's & vision questing

Coven member spotlights

Medicine shares

Coven community & support

Special guests of honor features

Spiritual masterminding

Collective networking & resources



join the waitlist.


2024 (and beyond)

1st and 3rd Monday's at 11:00AM PST.

Each Session is Approx 2 hrs.

Dates and time can shift based community desires & needs.

Email Deer at for the next cohort.


Q: What if i'm not getting what I need?

A. Let Deer know your needs so that we can accommodate your desire's within the space.  If it's not a match then a cancellation option will be available.

Q: How many people are you inviting into this space?

A. I'm initially calling in 13 magical people into this space and will assess from there.

Q. What if I'd like additional support?

A.  Let Deer know, she has other ways to support you along your journey.


Q.  Will there be breakout groups?

A.  Yes, as the group grows, we'll have breakout rooms and potentially buddy teams for the spaces inbetween calls.  Deer feels it's important to feel seen, heard and witnessed.


Q. What's the goal of this space?

A. Ultimately the goal is for like-minded spiritual light workers to be in a magical common space and to create a beautiful vortex for more greatness to enter our lives with continued growth and abundance for us all. 

Sign up here for our upcoming FREE Coven call on Monday, November 13th 
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